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Our Services

Because Problems Don't Get Better with Age
How can we help you?

We offer an affordable hourly rate as well as flat fee packages.  See below for a sample of the services we provide.  

  1. In House Counsel
    Call on Renee to answer quick legal questions and provide input for decisions. Renee excels at learning your business, so she can provide the best advice.
  2. HICPA Compliance
    Let us ensure that your company is in compliance with the requirements of the Home Improvement Protection Act.
  3. Human Resources
    Protect your business and prevent HR problems. Renee drafts employee handbooks, company policies, offer letters, and non-disclosure/non-competes.
  4. Worker Classification
    Misclassification of subcontractors can result in hefty penalties. Plumb & True will provide the materials you need to minimize your risk.
  5. Contract Drafting
    From construction contracts to subcontractor agreement, Renee excels at customizing agreements to fit the needs of her clients.
  6. Company Formation
    Protect yourself and your assets. Renee can help you form a business entity. Plumb & True also provides marketing and social media services.
Have an issue that's not covered? Give us a call and we will tell you how we can help you!  We provide a number of additional services to contractors.  We also provide the general business  and personal services below.
    startup consulting, business plan review, social media, corporate governance, creditor risk assessments, minority and women business certification, succession planning, exit strategy
    In addition to our legal and consulting services, we also offer marketing services such as basic website creation and maintenance of social media, blog writing and editing and web copy. We also provide training to owners and employees and can help you get the most out of Houzz and Angie's List.